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The Daniel Feeney Preschool is operated by the Walpole Public School.  We are an integrated preschool program that provides special education services to children with special needs as well as typically developing children between the ages of 3-5 years old. Our highly trained staff provide a nurturing environment that utilizes developmentally appropriate practices.  These practices are based upon the Massachusetts Department of Education Preschool Experiences framework as well as the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards.  We have achieved Level 2 of the Quality Rating and Improvement System.
Preschool screenings are conducted upon application to the preschool as well as upon parent request to review a child's development and assist in the identification of children who should be referred for an evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services.  Please contact Jennifer Bernard at 508-660-7374 x 5681 for more information.


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Please see the attached document with information about Daniel Feeney Preschool's accountability information.
Daniel Feeney Report Card

Now accepting Peer Model applications for the 2018/2019 school year.
Please download and complete the application by January 12, 2018.  We will contact you to schedule a screening with your child.

2018/2019 Peer Model Application

We are still accepting applications for our 4 day afternoon program for the 2017-2018 school year. Please complete the Peer Model application form and return it to the preschool.  We will be in contact with you to schedule a screening with your child.
Peer Model Application

We send a weekly e-mail to all parents who have an e-mail address listed on their student profile sheet.  Recently, we are receiving reports that parents with Verizon email accounts are having difficulty receiving emails from Aspen large group distributions. This appears to be related to strict filtering rules being applied by Verizon (now run on AOL servers) to mitigate SPAM from these types of distribution lists/mass-mailing systems. This happened a few years ago with AOL, Hotmail/Livemail accounts.  There do not appear to be issues with Gmail accounts.

Here are some suggestions you can try to remedy this situation and ensure you receive school email:  

  • Check your SPAM folder - if you find school emails in the folder you should indicate that they are not SPAM

  • Add our domains to the Safe Senders or whitelist in your email client web interface.  You may need to do this in the full web interface, you might not be able to do this with a phone client, or with the mobile version of their site:




  • If the options above to not resolve the problem you can create a new Gmail account and advise your school of this email address change, the school needs to change this in Aspen.  

    • If you prefer not to use the Gmail account as you primary email, you can set up a forward in that gmail account to send all emails to your Verizon/AOL/Hotmail account



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